Bullies Won’t Change My Vote

Nobody ever forgets the kids who bullied them...but it's worse when it comes from adults!

Why take abuse from adults about the election?

I remember full well the kids who bullied me back when I was “the new kid” at two horrific schools.  I remember their names, the way they looked, and the vile things they used to say.  At one of the schools, a terribly run private one, I was also subjected to a barrage of daily, never-ending bullying tactics from two particularly vicious teachers who did not like my family.  That’s a rather long story, and I’m saving it for a book someday, but mainly they didn’t like us because they had no control over us.  There’s the definition of a bully in a nutshell: they don’t like whoever they can’t control.

They also desperately need to get a life of their own, rather than focusing on everyone else’s…

Remembering the bullies, one of the very first things I did when I joined Facebook, decades later, was to find the worst of the ones I’d been subjected to way back when so that I could block them and prevent their access to my page.  I do not want any of those barbarians back in my life, and I shall make no apology for that statement.  They were atrocious then, so they can stay out of my business now.

See how “beloved” bullies are?  They have an impact, sure, but it’s a totally negative one.  They’re not recalled with fondness.  Whatever they stand for, whether it’s their style, values, music, clothes, shoes, hairdos, politics, religion, or something else, they usually turn their targets off on it.  I’ve also never known anyone who dealt with a bully who’s made the mistake of wanting them to come around again.  When I left the worst of the schools, I didn’t bid the bullies goodbye, nor did I add, “I hope to see you again soon!”  Ha, after walking away from such pathetically toxic people, I felt the most positive thing I could do for myself was to not let them back into my life.  Ever.  “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!”

That said, I am continuously astonished, these days, at the level of puerile, nasty, and completely unacceptable bullying  behavior that’s being utilized by quite a few adults on Facebook and other social media platforms, and all with regard to Presidential Election 2016.  The antics of the lunatic fringe are getting more insane by the day.  God forbid if someone else puts up any article or wall sign that doesn’t agree with their personal beliefs. Oh-ho!  They react like you’ve fired the opening shot in a war!  It’s gotten so extreme I have even wondered if some of these people might not be suffering from a very severe psychological condition like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  Do they think pushing people so hard that we start to wonder if they have a problem like that is going to persuade us to vote for someone we don’t like?  Seriously?

As my mother once said to a political party fanatic who was always screaming and yelling against the other side, “Everybody gets only one vote.  That’s it!  Just one!  It’s majority rule.  You can’t control the outcomes of elections with just one vote.  So spend it any way you like, go vote – and shut up!”

Exactly!  May they spend their votes however they want, but leave the rest of us be about it.  I say to them, “My vote isn’t yours.  It isn’t about you, no matter how much you would like it to be.  It isn’t even your business.  Grow up, get used to it, and try to control yourself!”







4 thoughts on “Bullies Won’t Change My Vote

  1. I’ve experienced such nastiness on Facebook and Twitter because of the candidate I support it’s borders on madness. If people disagree with me, fine. Show how with your vote, not by insulting those who disagree with you.


  2. Lola Shropshire says:

    Carolyn I totally agree…there are a couple of monthly “gatherings” I used to attend and now cannot because of hearing the words moron and idiot thrown around to define those who would vote for the opposing political party…those of us who disagree cannot even voice who we want to vote for because of the nasty looks…why would they even strongly align themselves with anyone they don’t know personally…it’s like they’re immature children in a club and if you are not a member of the club then you’re fair game for abuse…I agree, they must be mentally ill…


    • There are those who behave like they literally can’t stop screeching about this, all for someone who would run them all over as soon as look at them, right after getting their vote first. Ridiculous!


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