You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Here's Hillary!

Here’s Hillary!

And here's Trump!

And here’s Trump!

While lots of people keep on screeching about this election, or getting upset, hyperventilating, unfriending their best friends, and acting ridiculous in more directions than I ever previously dreamed existed, I can’t help but think it’s getting funnier by the minute!  What a source for material!

While taking a stroll, I personally chanced upon the animatronic “Trump Fortune Telling Machine.”  It makes comments.  It has red electric eyes that flash.  I may have been filmed for the news while hitting the button to try to get a fortune – there was a TV camera present, and laughs and smiles all over the street.

Somewhere else today in New York City, there appeared a topless statue of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Today somebody attacked Topless Hillary.  She reported sat upon the statue.  Of all the things in all the world to sit on, easily the last one I’d pick is a statue called Topless Hillary.  Once the sitter ensconced herself upon yon merry statue, she and a bunch of other people started fighting, right out there on the street.  In front of a museum, yet.  That was on the news.

No one is sure who’s making these “works of art,” but the election is certainly inspiring a lot of the creative types, and you simply can’t make this stuff up!

And to those who are just about ready to tear out their hair over it, or the obsessives who are viciously berating your friends as part of a Red State or Blue State self-appointed social media attack squad: LIGHTEN UP!  There is a saying that “the masses are asses,” but do you really think you’re personally controlling the election by making asses out of yourselves?


5 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

  1. Lola Shropshire says:

    …it seems like I had heard this before but now several sources say that Hillary has a body odor so powerful that it could be used as a secret weapon…but is apparently no secret to anyone who has ever been in her presence…and yet she refused to debate Bernie Sanders because he apparently smells worse than she does…if there wasn’t so much at stake the whole thing might be hilarious, and I admit I have had a few chuckles over it anyway…


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