A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A rose grows in Brooklyn.

A rose grows in Brooklyn.

This was such a beautiful day that it was almost surreal.  The sun was shining over swift-moving fluffy clouds here in Brooklyn, New York, and I have rarely seen such a beautiful jewel of a day.

I’m between jobs at the moment, due to “downsizing” at the really nice non-profit organization where I have been working for the past year and a half.  I had hoped to stay there permanently, but Fate had other plans.  Many, many years ago, there was another jobs where I’d hoped to stay permanently, until I retired, but two years later, that particular company went bankrupt.  This is America, where this sort of thing happens a lot.

So, once again, I find myself off from work.  I spend many hours applying for jobs online.  Having to find another job, while still wishing the one I had will call me to say they can afford to take me back (which would require a miracle at this point), is a challenge, but one that’s rife with possibilities.  The right position is out there for me.  I’m going to find it.

In between filling out forms on the computer and going on interviews there’s time to, literally, stop and smell the roses.  Take a look at the beauty I photographed today!  It’s above, and it’s gorgeous.



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