Onward to the Oscars!

Absolutely adorable: Sunny Pawar, child star of LION.

Absolutely adorable: Sunny Pawar, child star of LION.

Now on to something more pleasant than that last blog post I had to write.  Pretty soon we’ll be finding out who will be nominated for the Oscars!

I saw so many wonderful movies this year that it’s going to be fun to see who gets the honor of a nomination.  This year I’ve got so many favorites that I don’t even know where to begin.  My personal favorite movie was PATRIOT’S DAY, and if Mark Wahlberg doesn’t get nominated for his performance in it then there’s a flaw somewhere in the universe.  John Goodman should get a nod, too.  So should J.K. Simmons.  So, too, should about five or six other cast members, including the two actors who had the unenviable job of playing the bombers.

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA was a powerful dramatic vehicle for its wonderful ensemble.  Casey Affleck will almost certainly be up for Best Actor, and  Michelle Williams for Best Supporting Actress.  The star of JACKIE, Natalie Portman, knocked the part right out of the ballpark.

But my favorite star of them all is a pint-sized newcomer: Sunny Pawar, the irresistible little boy who played Saroo Brierly in LION.  I’m not just hoping for LION to get nominated for Best Picture, as well it should, but I’d love, love, love to see that little Sunny nominated.

Tuesday, January 24, the nominations will be announced.   Stay tuned!


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