Hey Restauranteurs: Please Start a Sugar-Free Dessert Movement

Coldstone Creamery RULES for having a sugar-free vanilla flavor among their ice cream choices!

Coldstone Creamery is WONDERFUL for having a Sugar-Free Vanilla flavor among their ice cream choices!

I don’t know what most restauranteurs and chains are waiting for.  It’s common knowledge that sugar is not only bad for people’s health in general but fatal to diabetics and even a carcinogen…yet just about every single restaurant I walk into doesn’t have one single sugar-fee dessert on their menus!

This is a trend I’d love to see reversed.  So many people are banned from ordering sugary foods for a whole variety of medical reasons, not to mention the fact that not overloading on the sugar is also basic common sense.  Why can’t the restaurants and food chains stop and think about how great it would be for those of us who can’t have sugar – not to mention how great it would be for their profits – if sugar-free dessert options were available to order?

I want to give a great big happy and grateful shout-out to three restaurants who already DO offer sugar-free options.  Coldstone Creamery has a Sugar-Free Vanilla ice cream flavor.  Bravo!  It’s as terrific as any sugar-filled ice cream ever was, too.  In New York City, Junior’s in Shubert Alley in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Viniero’s Pastry Shop on East 11th Street, both offer great sugar-free cheesecake.  I’m not sure how many Junior’s there are outside of this area.  Viniero’s is, I believe, a one-store operation, though if they were to expand and become a chain, that would be fabulous – they’re awesome!

All three venues deserve a lot of praise for having taken those of us who can’t order from the regular dessert menu into consideration and giving us the welcome chance for a treat, too.

Celebrity Cruise Lines always had not just one but a whole slew of sugar-free, or no-sugar-added, options available for dessert.  It’s one of many reasons why they’ve always been my favorite cruise line.  Holland America Lines always had one or two and even made me a sugar-free birthday cake on one memorable family vacation.  My hat’s off to them both!  I may book passage on one line or the other this year.

On the other hand, the rest of the year it would be nice to be able to have a chance to have dessert on terra firma, in addition to having it while sailing the sea.

How about the rest of you nice restauranteurs out there?  Wouldn’t you love to start a nice movement where you can offer desserts for not just some of the population but all of us?  Come on, then – take this to heart and give us a sugar-free break!  You don’t have to include sugar to be sweet.