Fabulous Book: “Last Days of Summer” by Steve Kluger

One of the best books ever: LAST DAYS OF SUMMER by Steve Kluger!

One of the best books ever: LAST DAYS OF SUMMER by Steve Kluger!

This time of year – late summer – naturally always brings to mind one of my favorite books of all time.  It’s called LAST DAYS OF SUMMER.  The author is Steve Kluger, and the book is funny, sad, inspiring, awesome…and will also make you laugh out loud!

The book is about a Brooklyn boy named Joey Margolis, a Jewish lad in World War II New York City who has a schmuck for a father.  Not exactly shy when it comes to going after what he wants, Joey zeroes in on his hero, a Protestant baseball player named Charlie Banks, as his new father figure.  Charlie plays third base on a New York team, has an actress girlfriend, and certainly doesn’t need a child on his hands…but be that as it may…

I’ll stop there, because there’s no way I’m going to add any spoilers to this one.  There are too many surprises within for me to ever ruin them with too much information.  People will just need to read it to find out what happens next.

However, I’ll tell you this much.  If you love the history of the World War II time period, as I do, there are plenty of well-known characters you may come across in the pages of the story.  FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, and even the incomparable Ethel Merman show up in LAST DAYS OF SUMMER.  It’s fiction, but Mr. Kluger’s use of them is brilliant.

I can’t recommend this book enough.  In fact, whenever I need to buy books to give as  presents, I usually choose two – AUNTIE MAME  by Patrick Dennis and LAST DAYS OF SUMMER by Steve Kluger.  They both possess a similar brand of joy.

Speaking the late Patrick Dennis, if he were only still alive and well and could meet up with Steve Kluger, how much do you want to bet they’d find they were definitely kindred spirits?

Here’s the link.  Enjoy!  http://Last Days of Summer