Looks Like They’re Barking Up the Wrong Tree re: the Shoot-Out Children in Florida

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

People are outraged over a situation in Volusia County, Florida, where two children escaped from a group home, broke into a house, found guns in the house, and had a stand-off with the police using the guns.

Well, they’re right to be outraged. After all, the children in question are a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. She wound up wounded by the police; I believe she fired one of the weapons at them first. So, yes. It’s bad. It’s crazy. And those children are far too young to be picking up firearms, yadda, yadda, yadda…


According to the sheriff of the county, there’s more.

The home, the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home from which these two little ones engineered an escape, has been a major problem for a long time. The authorities were summoned to the home 289 times last year and 89 more times this year – so far.

Read that again, if you will. The authorities were summoned to the home 289 times last year and 89 more times this year – so far!

Cases like this one never cease to amaze me, and not because the children ran away from the home, picked up guns and had a stand-off. No. What throws me for a loop is the way that where kids are concerned nobody usually seems to bother taking a good close look at the facility where they ran from in the first place.

There were 289 reasons to take a closer look at that place last year and 89 more reasons to wonder just what the hell was going on there this year, and you’re going to tell me that nobody involved with child welfare has bothered to take a closer look? Not even when the cops were called to the place THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-EIGHT TIMES since January 2020?

What, exactly, has been going on at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home that caused those two children to even feel they had to run away to begin with?

What made the children think it would be better to pick up guns and point them at the police than to have to go back to that facility?

Does nobody ever realize that when children get that desperate, there’s a lot more to the story that needs to be brought to light, especially when there have already been 378 reasons for the cops to be called to that home?


I hope the wounded girl comes out of the hospital, where she’s been taken after being shot by the cops, in one piece. I don’t normally make excuses for this kind of behavior involving guns, but in an instance like this, given the home’s godawful track record, I’d say maybe she’s not the villain they’re making her out to be. More and more stories have emerged about vicious levels of abuse in situations where children are allegedly being educated in religious schools, private day schools, and boarding schools, even despite the fact that the children’s parents are not living under a rock and are paying those schools tuition. The schools are run like laws unto themselves, even when there’s parents who are paying customers.

This is a case where the kids have been stuck within an obviously bad facility, presumably without their parents paying anything or monitoring whatever is going on. Who knows what may have been happening there? Maybe this girl turned into a little fighter for good reason.

Support Reparations Regarding the 1921 Tulsa Greenwood Massacre

Greenwood neighborhood, Tulsa Oklahoma, right here in the USA, 1921. DISGRACEFUL!

Does the above image remind you of Berlin 1945?

It isn’t. It’s the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921.

It wasn’t a Nazi stronghold. There wasn’t a war going on in Greenwood when this happened, at least, not one that had been officially declared. No enemy had been officially declared.

A more subtle conflict was raging there, though, because Greenwood was a prominent black neighborhood of so many black-owned businesses and professionals that it was known as “Black Wall Street.” There was absolutely nothing wrong with it – except that it made the worst sort of whites in Tulsa jealous…

So the whites went on a rampage. Their excuse? A young black boy got into an elevator, tripped and bumped into the female white operator. That was enough for the whites to let all hell break loose, going ape-shit at the thought of a black guy making moves on a white girl. No charges were ever brought against the guy by the girl so it’s likely that even she probably knew this was all ridiculous but that didn’t stop the mob from going berserk.

I’d heard of this riot before but the latest information that has come to light about it is among the worst things I’ve ever heard. The whites didn’t just burn down the town, kill about 300 blacks, and go completely insane. They also took a page out of the World War I flying aces’ book and used airplanes to drop bombs on our own black Americans from the air!

That ought to be enough, but there’s more. Three hundred murders though there were, and 35 blocks of homes and businesses were burned by arsonists, yet nobody was ever charged with a crime. No official ever even issued an apology.

It’s a damn shame that the Oklahomans – all Oklahomans – didn’t have the guts to be proud of Greenwood. From all accounts it sounds like a jewel of a neighborhood. Many of the pros working on Black Wall Street had begun their lives as slaves. Any person of goodwill anywhere would have been thrilled about Greenwood. Unfortunately there was a dearth of people with open hearts and minds among the rampaging whites of Tulsa. Dropping bombs out of planes, though? That takes pettiness, jealousy, racism and plain old stupidity all the way to a sick new level, easily the sickest one I’ve ever heard.

This week there have been many specials on the massacre that include interviews with some of the remaining survivors, ones who were terrified children at the time. They deserve reparations for everything they and their families lost, and so do the descendants of the rest of the residents of Greenwood.

Want to help them? It’s never too late to right a wrong, and these people deserve all the decency we can give them. Please support their efforts by signing the petition here:


The Sons of Sam on Netflix


Many years ago, in approximately 1988 or 1989, I chanced upon a book called THE ULTIMATE EVIL: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CULT MURDERS – SON OF SAM AND BEYOND by an author named Maury Terry. The book dealt with the bizarre crime spree that had tormented New York City in 1976 and 1977 where girls, almost all with long brown hair, and their and guys were being gunned down with a .44 caliber weapon, usually while in parked cars on “lover’s lanes.” Two other girls were targeted while walking down the street. Whoever was doing these sick shootings was sending letters to a cop and to a Daily News reporter, first calling himself “Mister Monster,” and then “The Son of Sam.” I was living in New Jersey back then, but believe me, even over there everybody was scared out of their wits by the pointless lunacy of this case.

It led to the biggest manhunt in New York City history. When a suspect was finally apprehended and admitted to the murders he turned out to be a big surprise: not a monster at all, at least on the surface, but rather an overweight goofball named David Berkowitz who smiled happily as he went past an avalanche of reporters and watched cartoons on his prison TV. If memory serves correctly, the jerk who had killed six people, injured ten more, and freaked out millions watched “The Flintstones.” The “Sam” in question that he claimed to be “the son” of? Well, he said that was his neighbor’s 6,000 year old dog. Yes, 6,000 year old dog. It gave him “commands.” Whoa, boy! I remember my mother screeching about what a total screw-up he clearly was and how wacky he seemed. It was not easy to believe this guy was that killer, but he admitted it, there was evidence, he got put away and that was it.

So in 1988, after moving to New York City myself, I couldn’t resist buying THE ULTIMATE EVIL book when I saw it on the racks at the good old Coliseum Bookstore on 57th Street, figuring it would be a good read about the intriguing yet horrible case.

Well, let me tell you, no book ever freaked me out as much as that one did in my life! It wasn’t so much the theories of the author, Maury Terry, who presented the idea that David Berkowitz was in with a bunch of nutcase cult members based in Yonkers, though those descriptions were quite bad (I say only that much because I don’t wish to add “spoilers.”) It wasn’t just the fact that the descriptions of Son of Sam, given by eyewitnesses to police sketch artists, looked nothing like David Berkowitz, either.

It was that the last time Berkowitz opened fire, it had happened around the block from my Brooklyn apartment.

And there was more.

There was a lot more.

One of those allegedly involved in the cult in question was a debauched movie producer who also got murdered (though not by Berkowitz) and had worked on a film called “The Cotton Club.” It was an Orion Pictures film. I was working, at that time, at Orion Pictures Corporation.

Someone else involved in the whole mess either worked at or owned a New York City art gallery. Guess where this gallery was? On the same block as Orion Pictures! I therefore lived and worked right smack in the middle of three important places that were connected to the creepiest case New York had ever known.

Talk about scary reads! This one would’ve given anybody the creeps, but for me it was a personal triple whammy. I remember staying up all night one very dark night to finish the book just to get it done, and being freaked out about my apartment, job, and work location for a week or so thereafter. But then, that was that. There were other books to read, nicer ones. Orion Pictures started sliding into bankruptcy not long after that so I found another job in a different New York neighborhood, and away I went, goodbye office, goodbye art gallery, though I kept the apartment for 31 years and never forgot Maury Terry’s book.

Anyway, what all this is leading up to is that I was immediately interested when I heard that Netflix had based a new limited series on Maury Terry’s investigation, THE SONS OF SAM. Today I watched it straight through. There was my old neighborhood in several shots, with the police all over the place right after the last shooting. “The Cotton Club” gets a mention. The art gallery doesn’t. And an inordinate amount of time is spent discussing Maury Terry’s “obsession” with investigating the case, which he did for many, many years, even after his book was published. There’s lots of insinuations that he went on with his inquiries about all of this for too long, that maybe all he’d come up with about the connections between Berkowitz and “a cult” were nothing more than silly little conspiracy theories, and that his numerous attempts at getting the police to reopen the investigation were all for naught.

However…I’m very glad that Netflix is putting this series out there because, you know what? I’m STILL wondering why there were eyewitness descriptions of the killer that didn’t look a damn thing like David Berkowitz! According to this series, there were FIVE descriptions that didn’t match Berkowitz. Was at least one additional shooter involved? Or more? It certainly looks plausible. Cult or no cult, these sketches should not be ignored. It would not be out of line, in my humble opinion, for the NYPD or the FBI to at least take another look at the whole shebang. Maury Terry is gone now, but I for one think he was onto something.

THE COTTON CLUB movie poster.

Intrusiveness Isn’t Just Rude, it’s a Red Flag

A few years ago I wrote a blog post called A Quick Observation About Sexual Predators. In it I described two individuals I had known who chronically and obsessively kept sticking their noses into the business of anyone and everyone they knew. Later, much later, 37 years later in the one instance, about 15 in the other, I found out that both of them were sexual predators.

Somehow I had been savvy enough to realize something was seriously wrong with both people. I didn’t give them answers to their creepy questions – deliberately. I asked both why they were asking such questions in the first place. I drove them nuts, and I’m proud of that. Especially now that I know what was behind it.

Both of them concentrated way too heavily on other people’s values, asking all sorts of questions that seemed weird at the time. Later, after hearing about the sexual predator stories, I theorized these “values” inquiries were made just to find out what these monsters could get away with in front of each person they knew…

Yesterday I chanced upon a news story that supports my theory and then some. One Blake Bailey, an Author who used to teach English at Lusher Middle School in New Orleans, used an intrusive technique that allowed him to fly under the radar completely. He asked the eighth graders in his writing class to write whatever they felt like in journal entries – as a class assignment. These journals were turned into this Mr. Bailey every week, when he’d read them and put little comments in the margins. Supportive comments, mostly, when the 13-year-olds were having the usual amount of teenage angst about their looks, social status, family conflicts, fights with friends, and so on. But some of the comments crossed the line into inappropriateness, like when he would advise kids about their budding teenage romances.

The more supportive the teacher was, the more the kids confided in him.

The more the kids confided in him, the more information he had on their situations. The “journals” were an easy way to intrude on the kids’ private business, and it didn’t even require this Mr. Bailey to barrage them with nosy questions. They were supplying the answers to questions he didn’t even have to ask.

They were also revealing enough about themselves so that the teacher would pick up on which kids were extremely vulnerable and therefore easy targets.

The way the story is unfolding, Bailey waited. He didn’t make a move on the girls when they were 13. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17. He stayed in touch with the kids, most of whom considered him a mentor, kept building up their trust, waited until they were 17 or older, and then forced himself on several of the girls. He would even seek some of them out when visiting the cities where former students later lived – and then strike. Good God!

Following these accusations, Bailey lost his agent and his book publisher, and all hell is breaking loose in his life, better late than never. Yet I want to stress again: INTRUSIVENESS IS NOT JUST RUDE. It’s a red flag. And it’s especially a wildly waving red flag when some idiot is trying to get into the heads of children. Be aware, be aware! If you even so much as wonder about someone who does this, it might be a good idea to blow the whistle, especially if the jerk in question was involved with teaching children.

Here’s the previous blog post:


Will the Real Ma Anand Sheela Please Stand Up?

SEARCHING FOR SHEELA on Netflix. The Bhagwan’s adjutant speaks, but what does she say?

I’ve seen some strange documentaries in my day but by God this is one of the strangest.

You remember who Ma Anand Sheela is, don’t you? Sheela of WILD, WILD COUNTRY fame, or perhaps I should say infamy? She was the adjutant or secretary or partner in crime or accomplice to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the nut who told “searching” people what they wanted to hear and reaped untold rewards for it. The acolytes of the Bhagwan gave him deeds to their houses, Rolls Royces, and all manner of cash, favors and items in “gratitude” for his telling them to go out and live like libertines, to put it mildly. This Sheela was his right-hand gal. She ran his empire in Oregon, took charge of everything having to do with their creation of their own town there, battled the local authorities, told off detractors, and allegedly – move over, Richard Nixon – planted bugs all over the Bhagwan’s compound to spy on their own people.

Sheela also is said to have led the charge in a plot that caused 751 people in 1984 to suffer from a food poisoning attack at The Dalles, a town near the compound these flakes created in Oregon. Ten salad bars there were infected – with salmonella, yet. This was said to be done for “political gain,” to influence some local election. Another part of this plot was to bus in homeless people just so they could vote as dictated by Sheela, the Bhagwan and the rest of the gang.

However, Sheela does not admit to this, or much of anything else, in the new Netflix documentary about her strange and unique life. I was curious to see what she’d have to say, but it can be summed up in one word: nothing. She deflected just about every question put to her. Sheela does not confirm. She does not deny. She states, charmingly, that people think they already know what she did way back when while the Bhagwan compound was operational. The implication, unstated, is that if you believe what you’ve previously heard, you’re wrong and that’s your problem. The documentary is a study in dissembling.

Ma Anand Sheela was the mastermind behind the food poisoning attack and went to jail as a bioterrorist over it. This outwardly charming gal went to jail for launching a terrorist attack. And if she didn’t want to answer any questions about it, why participate in a documentary in the first place?

Here’s what I find most chilling, even more so than the bioterror attack, which is already outrageous enough. That was in 1984; this is 2021. Ma Anand Sheela now runs a home in Switzerland for handicapped adults.

How did that happen? Who the hell in Switzerland is allowing it? Would you want a felon convicted for bioterrorism to take care of a disabled relative? I wouldn’t, either.

We Finally Have a President who Acknowledges the Armenian Genocide

The Forget-Me-Not Flower, the symbol of Armenian Genocide

Back in 2015 I had become outraged when I heard that the President of the United States wouldn’t come forward and call the genocide that happened in Armenia “genocide.”

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Approximately ONE MILLION people were killed in an “ethnic cleansing” slaughter back in 1915 during the Ottoman Empire. If that doesn’t qualify as genocide then I don’t know what does. Why there are any people anywhere, let alone presidents, who can’t call it for what it is boggles the mind.

Well, fortunately President Joe Biden has officially acknowledged that the genocide was a genocide. I commend him for having the courage to say what should have been said when it first happened, not to mention ever since. It’s over a hundred years later, for God’s sake.

However, Biden may not be winning any popularity contests at the moment with the people of Turkey. They’re apparently not very happy about his statements. Why? Well, the one million Armenians who died in the genocide in question were killed by Turks. Biden’s even being accused of “misportraying history” for saying it was what it was. This would seem unbelievable – except it’s happening.

Maybe it’s “better late than never,” but I for one am very glad that President Biden has given official U.S. recognition to the Armenian genocide. If the Turkish descendants of the massacre don’t like it, tough. They should have thought about how they’d be perceived before they killed all those people, because afterwards, it’s too late.

My hat’s off to the Armenians for never giving up on the idea of obtaining our official recognition of this terrible chapter in their history. May Turkey, and the rest of the world’s countries if they haven’t already, someday follow suit.

I wish all the very best to the Armenians.

Explanation of why the Forget-Me-Not flower is a symbol of the Armenian genocide.

Brian Geraghty in BIG SKY

Actor Brian Geraghty does an incredible job as the maniacal “Ronald Pergman” on BIG SKY.

I’ve seen some awesome performances in my day but very few have ever compared to watching actor Brian Geraghty pull off playing of the role of “Ronald Pergman” on BIG SKY. This actor is nothing less than a genius!

He would have to be. BIG SKY centers around a detective agency run by three ladies played by Katheryn Winnick, Kylie Bunbury and DeeDee Pfeiffer. When two teenage girls go missing on the road, on the way to visiting one of the detective’s sons, the agency gets involved, and all hell starts to break loose in several different directions.

It’s Geraghty’s character of “Ronald Pergman” who has taken them – mainly because they gave him some sass when passing his truck – and that’s about all I’ll say so that I don’t throw in plot spoilers to anyone who hasn’t had the fun of watching this series yet. To call his character “nuts,” though, would the understatement of 2021. One second to the next, you never know what Ronald’s going to do, but whatever it is, you sure don’t want to miss it.

Ronald doesn’t exactly have the best possible back up in his life, to put it mildly. Watch for Helen Mahaffey as his impossible mother and John Carroll Lynch as…well, you’ll find out. Also keep an eye on performances by Jesse James Keitel, Natalie Alyn Lind, Jade Prettyjohn and Brooke Smith, and the rest of them. All the roles are very different and every single actor is excellent beyond belief.

BIG SKY’s ensemble cast is one of the best you’ll ever see. It’s best to watch it from the beginning. All of the episodes are on Hulu. New ones are on ABC on Tuesday nights and then available on Hulu on Wednesday mornings. Be sure to get a front row seat!

Hey Broadway, It’s Not JUST Scott Rudin

Photo by Yuting Gao on Pexels.com

In Broadway news this week there’s the “explosive” story that producer Scott Rudin has stepped away from his duties, though possibly not his profits, due to innumerable allegations of his bullying and abusive behavior toward his hapless employees.

While I cheer along with everyone else that Rudin has finally been called out for being a tyrant, I nevertheless have to ask, just where the hell has the Broadway community been on this issue? It’s not just Scott Rudin! It’s a widespread problem and exists all across that business.

I am speaking from direct personal experience here. I’m looking for a job at the moment, and this blog post may well go against me, since job applicants are “never” supposed to speak out about past employers, but I DO NOT CARE. In fact, the unofficial mandate that we shut up about bad workplaces no doubt contributes in a major way to this problem.

I majored in Theater/Media and all I wanted after college was a decent behind-the-scenes position in an industry I was prepared to love. I knew people called “show business” a “crazy” business, but thought it just meant a lot of those who worked in it were a little mildly eccentric or something, nothing major, let alone alarming. I’ve never been so wrong.

The first entertainment job I had was at a music licensing agency that was beautifully run. But where entertainment jobs are concerned, that was the only one I would ever wish to work for again.

As for the rest of them, as my grandmother used to exclaim, holy Mary, Mother of God! There was the mismanaged film company that went out of business where I had a wonderful boss but an atrocious slutty co-worker who harassed me for everything from wearing glasses at the time to the cut of my collar to my value system – all of which were none of her damn business. I was not her only target. She had several. All of her vile comments were made in the spirit of parading around as if she were “above” the rest of us, and she got away with that.

She didn’t get away with financially cheating the company, though, and that’s what ultimately brought her down. Treat employees like dirt and that’s fine and dandy with these horrifically run places, but once they catch you pulling a financial fast one, then out you go.

At a talent agency I went to following this debacle of a job, the owner was constantly asking his employees and the actors that he represented really obnoxious personal questions, each designed to get into our heads. I can’t even repeat some of the vulgar ones he asked me. It made no sense at the time. He also regularly screamed, yelled, and threw spectacular paranoid tantrums where he’d falsely accuse people of trying to, get this, “manipulate and control” him. He was a volcanic nightmare and I left the position. I’ve written about him on this blog before. After he dropped dead I found out he was running a “casting couch” targeting young men by hinting about getting them acting jobs. None of this happened in the office in front of me. I believe it went on in his apartment. I realize now that his sicko questioning of people was to try and gauge what we would and wouldn’t stand for. Well, anyone who thinks I would have stood for what he was doing with those boys, had I known about it at the time, without my calling the cops on the little greasy creep, should get their head examined. I would have called 911 so fast he wouldn’t have known what hit him.

I know of another occurrence where the teacher of an acting class was attempting to charge students for services that had never been rendered, falsely claiming – at top volume and in a threatening manner – that it was owed to said teacher when it wasn’t. The students would complain to friends but were afraid to do anything about this mess, like call the authorities and report extortion. Several other friends went to acting teachers for decades. Many of these instructors were teaching out of their homes or in some garret somewhere and basically living off their students. Those students might pay their adored teacher for ten years straight but never hear a single word spoken in class about joining the acting unions, or be given a shred of practical business advice for how to get into the theater, yet all the while the teachers collected fee after fee after fee. One friend, following 12 years with an acting teacher no one had ever heard of, was shocked to the core when I said if you’re not in the union, talent agencies throw your pictures and resumes straight in the trash on arrival. I knew it because it was part of my job at a talent agency.

At two other entertainment industry companies, not one, two, both of which seemed okay on the surface but were murky underneath, employees were given raises every year – up to a certain point. Several years of raises later, the same employees who had been financially rewarded for excellence were thrown out on a pretext just so the place could hire someone cheaper. The proof was found in job listings for their exact positions right after they were let go. And these were some of the milder scenarios I witnessed firsthand.

And then there was the other strange thing that I picked up on at several of these places, time and time again. Don’t ask me why, but they seem to attract a lot of employees who actually pride themselves on having some form of a dysfunctional personal life. If you are doing better than they are, they’re “offended” and throw a fit to make sure you know it. If they’re, say, an alcoholic or addict, and another employee doesn’t drink or do drugs (or worse), some of these types will even go so far as to accuse them of lying. It’s discrimination against those who choose healthy living and it’s asinine beyond belief. There’s absolutely no logic to be found here on any level at all. Companies train people against committing sexual or racial harassment offenses on the job yet do absolutely nothing about totally insane workplace interactions like this.

What is really insidious about all of these abusive situations is that so many people who are targeted are terrified of blowing the whistle on these activities. There’s a lot of dreamy types who get into that business, especially the actors. They often don’t fully grasp how the business works and think they’re ruining potential valuable contacts if they speak up. For instance, the agent who was trying to lure guys in with promises of acting jobs? He was a talent agent – not a casting director. That’s who casts for acting parts: casting directors. Not talent agents. Not the one with the hints of stardom if only the young men would “service” him. The acting teachers? If they had such fabulous industry contacts that one word from them could help to make some student famous then why are they teaching instead of starring in a show in the first place? These people are parasites, pure and simple, and prey on the vulnerability, the hopes, the dreams and the lack of entertainment industry savvy of their employees and/or clients just to get away with their own out-of-control abuse, time after time after time.

Well, is it no wonder that after all of this nonsense I decided it would be better to try and work for non-entertainment industry businesses? Though I do still apply for a few, here and there, with crossed fingers and hope, I always feel like I’m walking into a potential lion’s den when I do.

So I said it before and I’m saying it again: BROADWAY, IT’S NOT JUST SCOTT RUDIN! He’s sick, he’s bad, he’s got to go, sure, but don’t stop with him! This is a widespread problem of abuse that exists in the entertainment industry where absolutely ridiculous and totally narcissistic people seem to think if they are “creative” it means they’re entitled to be “abusive!” It’s gone on for far too long. It’s why so many people get themselves up and out of that industry.

Like I said, I went to college thinking that it would be great to work for an entertainment company. Rise up, folks! Demand an end to this insanity and maybe someday it will be.

THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND Movie: A Study in Self-Delusion

Those who know me personally already know that I have no adoration for the hippies of yesteryear. The little documentary I chanced upon the other day, THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND on Prime, is a perfect example of why.

Let me be the first one to admit that I don’t like war. I don’t think any rational person loves the idea of a war. However, the whole idea of protesting a war by BLOWING UP BUILDINGS is abhorrent and ridiculous to me. You don’t protest violence with more violence. Not unless you’re so far out of touch with reality that you can’t realize the veracity of that statement.

These nuts who were in The Weathermen – an extremist offshoot of the hippie protest antiwar group Students for a Democratic Society – are beyond the pale in terms of not having the basic common sense that God gave to a goat. And all goats want to do is eat.

These complete lunatics think if they plant bombs at certain targets, like governmental buildings, they’ll change the world, one explosion at a time. Whoa, boy! They were too stupid and/or narcissistic and/or delusional to realize they were only making total asses of themselves. They were just making themselves targets of investigation by the FBI. Surprise, surprise, Weathermen! If you blow a government building to smithereens, PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO ADORE YOU!

At one point these self-proclaimed druggie peaceniks plan on blowing up a dance for non-commissioned officers at Fort Dix. My parents might very well have been at that dance. It doesn’t happen, though. Their bomb-makers at thier townhouse in Manhattan are so screwed up, probably on LSD or worse, that they blow their townhouse up instead.

Yesterday I just happened to be in Manhattan and found the new townhouse that was rebuilt on the site of the one these morons destroyed. It’s just unbelievable that this sort of event ever happened in the first place.

The group subsequently went into hiding which was good news for the rest of humanity. Unfortunately when they were found or turned themselves in, most didn’t go punished because of problems in the way the FBI handled their investigation! They live among us again, though I’d never want to know any of them socially.

However, here’s the best part of the movie. One of these totally self-deluded jerks states in the movie, as if flabbergasted by the very thought, that the American public has been “conditioned” to believe anyone who uses violence to make a statement is either “a criminal” or “mentally ill.”

He still doesn’t realize, not even in 2002 when this movie was made, that he belongs in a jail for the criminally insane.

ALLEN V. FARROW: Woody Allen’s on the “Crazy Train”

Photo by Jarod Lovekamp on Pexels.com

This post contains spoilers. I normally don’t like to include spoilers but this time I can’t resist.

I watched all four episodes of the documentary ALLEN V. FARROW, repulsed by what I was seeing yet unable to look away, either. It’s an old story that has been full of holes from the start. Film maker Woody Allen was in a 12-year relationship with actress Mia Farrow, even adopting two of her children – son Moses and daughter Dylan – and having a third biological child with Mia as well, Ronan. A month after the adoption went through Mia Farrow found out that Woody Allen was having an affair with another of her adopted children, Soon-Yi Previn. Well, that was the brutal and abrupt end of the 12-year-long relationship between Woody and Mia.

Meanwhile, there had been a lot of concern over Woody Allen’s obsession with little daughter Dylan. Several people reported his inappropriate behavior with her, which included having her suck his thumb and his putting his head in her naked, yes, naked lap. A quack “therapist” claimed his behavior could “look sexual but wasn’t really sexual,” and that Woody “just didn’t know how to behave around children.” Is that ridiculous or what? Lots of people aren’t around children much but how many of them behave in such a weird-ass sexual manner around them? Little Dylan would even physically hide from Woody Allen whenever he came over to Mia’s place to escape his bizarre attentions, which as far as I’m concerned is the most enormous red flag I’ve ever heard of, and whatever the hell is wrong with Mia Farrow for ignoring that is no small thing.

The mess escalated, of course. Any man who’s sticking his head in a little girl’s naked lap is bound to escalate his activities. Why did you continue to ignore it, Mia? Ultimately, Dylan, age seven, said that Woody sexually assaulted her in an attic at Mia’s Connecticut country house while the little girl was looking at a toy train set go around and around.

Mia takes Dylan to a pediatrician and the situation explodes from there. Mia believes Dylan. Woody says Mia coached Dylan into making false allegations because she’s “a woman scorned” since now he’s having an affair with her other daughter, and this is coming from a man Dylan used to literally HIDE FROM because she didn’t like his sicko attentions. Two investigations into the child’s story are conducted, and both are clearly compromised. Was anyone paid off? That looks very likely, since Woody was paying off private detectives to follow not only Mia but other members of her family and some of the cops on the case, looking for dirt, so where the botched investigations are concerned, I say someone really needs to wake up and FOLLOW THE MONEY!

But here’s the smoking gun.

One of the most unusual features of Dylan’s claims and Woody’s denials involve this toy train set in the attic. Dylan reports watching the train set while lying on her back and being sexually assaulted. Woody claims there was no train set in the attic at all. He even says it’s a detail invented to make Dylan’s story more credible. Woody’s tale is backed up by one of Mia and Woody’s other adopted children, Moses, who’s deep in his father’s camp and also states there was no train set in the attic.

Towards the end of ALLEN V. FARROW, though, what do we see?

Back in 1992, the Connecticut police had made a map of what everything that was in the attic at the time of the alleged assault. An what do we see on the map? A TRAIN SET!!!!!! The jig is finally up, Mr. Allen!